New Camera, Old camera

I finally got that new camera to replace my old broken one, my final choice made for me by Asda putting up the price of choice B by £15. So this Fuji Finepix AV150  isn’t a bad deal, a 14 mega pixel device for £30. Can’t argue with that. I can also shoot HD video with it.

I decided to give my old camera one last chance, so put the fresh batteries in it just to check. And it WORKS. So I didn’t need  a new camera anyway, just needed to get some fresh alkaline batteries (and not bloody own-brand batteries, never again). So there’s nothing wrong with it, except the lens cap is broken.

But still, I’ll be off camping with my friends this summer, so my new camera will come in handy.



3 thoughts on “New Camera, Old camera

  1. Maxxy says:

    My missus refuses to use her little camera we got her. I think hers is 12MP but she finds it’s too slow to focus and take a picture. Especially with a 16 months old little girl moving about !! – She tends to use the camera and video on her iPhone. Gets some really good results too. Might try using it to shoot a video for one of my tracks when they’re finished…..any tips ??

    • problem with phones is they are rather sleek and not easy to grip…

      I had ideas to shoot vid for a band my friends had, was going to do it on my (old) camera (640×480 is good enough for youtube) idea was to shoot it in one take in the park and along the river (park has bandstand), i think the vid was going to start with the singer walking towards the camera miming (like the Verve video?) and band members appearing as the song progressed playing shakers or acoustic guitars maybe, then end with the band walking to the bandstand and picking up their instruments and playing the end of the song, or something like that) i suppose it depends whether you have singing on your finished tracks, someone singing/miming would be a good focus.

      i got an older version of Song Vegas for about £20 a couple of years ago, that’s pretty handy for basic editing/titling plus there are loads of effects built in. it’s what i use for my videos (like the space ones and the high-speed around the park one)

  2. Maxxy says:

    Found the Video Star App for iPhone, might have to have a go with that when the tracks are finished…..

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