TV show about a talking dog… is quite good

I’ve found this seriously warped Australian TV show called ‘Wilfred’, which is about a man called Adam who sees his girlfriend’s dog as a man in a bad dog costume, where everyone else sees him as a dog.

Its a strange concept, but it works perfectly – Wilfred not only talks, swears (very strongly), and smokes dope, he is determined to get Adam in as much trouble as possible, when not bullying him into putting DVDs on or making cheese-based snacks, or climbing onto the roof in a rainstorm to retrieve his favourite tennis ball from out of the gutter.

The whole tone of it is weird, almost like something off the famously warped Chris Morris series ‘Jam’, but also quite juvenile and coarse when it needs to be. It is also rather funny. The Americans have re-made it, and I hear they’ve toned it down quite a bit, which is a shame.



2 thoughts on “TV show about a talking dog… is quite good

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    wow I love the new blog !!!

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