Making my own CDs

After much printing, cutting and sticking¹, the CD of Mink15’s ‘Pebble Beach is now finished. It doesn’t look as professional as the last release (it’s not in a CD jewel case for a start) but it seems more ‘real’ now it has physical form and is not just a load of zeros and ones on the internet somewhere.

I’ve had many problems with  this – the CD labels are slightly different to all the other CD labels I’ve ever bought, so they don’t align properly. Which I didn’t notice until I’d printed a couple of sheets. Also my printer decided it didn’t recognise the new cartridges, or even the old ones (made by the same company) and I thought I’d have to buy a new printer at one stage.

But now I’ve got  back into the swing of it, I think I’ll make CDs of my other music.

Pebble Beach CD

‘Pebble Beach’ is on sale at the bargain price of £2 including postage (£2.50 for international/intergalactic orders²) you can afford to splash out. Or if you can’t afford that, you can download it for free.


¹ My gods, how I hate my Epson printer.

² Apologies, but we can not currently deliver to Andromeda for technical reasons


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