Phones Don’t Bounce

This will probably be dropped in 5 minutes

It wonderful what mobile phones can do these days, and the designs of even the cheapest  smart phones are sleek and beautiful. This is the problem, as ‘sleek and beautiful’ does not translate into ‘difficult to drop’. They are almost all rounded  and smooth, which is just a recipe for dropping phone on the floor, or accidentally throwing it against a wall when taking it out of your pocket too quickly.

Of course you can buy skins for your phone to protect it and make it easier to grip, but this defeats the object of having a beautifully designed phone in the first place .

I don’t know what the answer is, but surely if they can put a man on the moon* they can fix this. But they probably can’t fix this:


*Ok, they’ve not done it in a while, but the technology is there.


One thought on “Phones Don’t Bounce

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