The joy of Parcels



Isn’t it great to get stuff delivered? Even when it is something you ordered yourself, it is nice to have to open the door to the postman who has a large parcel for you. It’s pleasant enough opening the mailbox to find something from Amazon, but  something that is too big for the letterbox or is ‘important’ enough to require a signature is something else.

In this case ‘something else’ was a new router (to replace the brand new  BT  router which is rubbish). Not very exciting, a box that sits on the bookcase in the lounge, but the box was a lot larger than I expected. In fact the box is a lot larger than it needs to be, by maybe three times. If it’s in a big box, it must be worth more money, might be the reasoning behind that.

Of course one reason it is exciting to get the parcel, is that if you miss the doorbell you will have waited quietly all morning for nothing. It is a massive sense of relief.


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