Life without a watch



If a watch doesn't tell the time, is it still a watch?

The strap came loose and the watch made a loud BANG as it hit the tiled floor. I didn’t realise until later, that it  was no longer working properly, the hour hand advancing about half an hour before springing back to where it had been. I was stuck perpetually between 10:45 and 11:15, with no hope of escape.

So this is my second day of feeling slightly lost and bewildered, cut adrift in the oceans of time. I can get clues from daylight/darkness etc, but unless I dig out my mobile I have no idea what time it is. Its a good job I’m not working these few days, I’d be missing important stuff like tea breaks and the end of my shift.

I don’t know what I’d do if forced to live like this for any length of time, the low-level stress would no doubt build and build until I actually exploded.

New (cheap) watch should be with me tomorrow morning, and I  can get back to normal.


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