No cycling for me

One thing I was going to do in my week off, was go for a daily ride in my ‘new’ bicycle. The rear wheel is now repaired, and although the front tyre has a slow puncture, it ok if you keep it pumped up.
But I came to use it yesterday and found the rear tyre was totally flat, and the puncture is really bad as when I tried to pump it up, it hissed like an angry snake. Bugger!



2 thoughts on “No cycling for me

  1. bearrunner says:

    Flats are the devil! Especially on a new ride


    • yes, only been out for 10 minutes. I think there is glass in the yard though from when my brother dropped a saucepan lid out of the kitchen window three floors up. Going to have a good sweep before I get the puncture kit out

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