Being played on the radio

It’s always exciting to get a song played on the radio, especially if you weren’t expecting it.

My old band Far Black Furlong (sort of chamber-classical / weird folk / drone / electronica) just got played on BBC 6Music by Stuart Maconie on his Freak Zone show. This is a national radio station, and a programme I listen to every Sunday, and I nearly fell of my chair when he announced the track he was about to play.


we are on this CD

It is a weird coincidence, as the band split up 3 years ago, but only  last week the pianist got in touch to discuss releasing some of the old stuff…


One thought on “Being played on the radio

  1. Maxxy says:

    Weh Hey !! – Radio 6 ?? – The best I ever managed was BBC Radio Northampton’s coffee morning. We got to play three tracks live, and obviously, because I was playing, I didn’t hear it go out. Don’t think I’ve even got the tape my Dad did of it anymore either.

    Just been reading up on IndieGoGo, as I’m going to run out of money when I’ve done these three tracks, and the missus won’t let me spend any more on it ( unless by devine intervention the current tracks were to pay for themselves ). Thinking about maybe trying to raise to complete the album….

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