Bad habits – Cold tea

I love drinking tea, lovely hot tea, made with fresh boiling water and not too much milk, thanks.


In the past six months or so,a disturbing trend has materialised – I forget to drink my tea until it has cooled to lukewarm, or even stone-cold. I’d normally drink my tea a couple of degrees below scalding.

Obviously, cold tea is disgusting, and needs to be tipped away and a fresh mug brewed.

I don’t know why I’ve started to do this; I’m getting worried!


2 thoughts on “Bad habits – Cold tea

  1. thewondermya says:

    oops I do the same, I get a lovely cup and then forget about it… cold tea leave stains on the cup and makes me think of how stained my teeth are going to be too…

  2. Maxxy says:

    See I have an excuse……I have a one year old and a neurotic wife, so I get easily distracted and very rarely get to drink a whole cup of tea. Can’t actually drink cold tea though. It’ just gets left…..

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