I’m fed up of writer’s block. I was hoping to spend my free afternoons (I work an early shift) and alcohol-free evenings (I’m spending January ‘dry’) productively. I am going to read, write (maybe) and make music. It’s not going to plan.

Maybe it’s the insomnia, or maybe I’m just out off practice, but I’m just not getting any ideas right now.

At least when creativity strikes, I’ll  be ready for it…

(… He said, trying to put a positive spin on it…)


3 thoughts on “Blocked!

  1. Maxxy says:

    That, my friend, is why I can never finish anything. I’m good at starting things, but then I get blocked and can’t “hear” past the loop I’ve created.

    How about this for a plan……..visit my page, and click on my musical sketch pad at the top. Take a look for inspiration, and try and develop it. It’s maybe a win – win – you hopefully get a little inspiration, and I get help developing a loop. what do you say ??

  2. Maxxy says:

    Cool – Depending on what you record with, I have access to Sonar at my dad’s place, and maybe for the next month or two, I may even be able to persuade Phil to dump the keyboard stuff to Pro tools if you needed it. Or if you just wanted MIDI that’s easy. So whatever you need when you have a listen, just let me know. Would be fantastic to develop a couple more loops. I’m really hoping I can continue after these three tracks are done, and work towards an album, but it just costs so much to get help to write them and record them properly. These three tracks will have cost about £700 total when we’re done, maybe even a bit more depending on vocals. In the overall scheme of song recording I guess that’s nothing, but when you’re just a normal joe with the usual bills and shit, it’s a lot of money. ( specially if you have a wife and child, the money could always be spent on more useful things )…..

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