Cold weather running

When I started running, there was a cold snap, it went down to minus six celsius for a couple of days, apparently. I didn’t let this put me off. Call it stubbornness, call it stupidity, but I carried on running.


So when on a day like this, when it is maybe minus two, I find it hard to give up. It’s because I know I have jogged in worse, in snow and ice, in laughably unsuitable running gear. So I would have no excuse to not run today.


2 thoughts on “Cold weather running

  1. thewondermya says:

    Love your mindset ! It inspires me, tonight I’ll be running ! No matter what !

    • I always reason that no matter how uncomfortable and cold the actual run is, its more than outweighed by the good feeling of having had a good bit of exercise and really got the blood pumping which lasts longer than the 15 minute I have to endure fire the run itself. I have to remind myself of that some days! I’m glad you’re liking my blog and finding it useful šŸ™‚

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