I’ve still got a thing for stationary.I like having a pristine pad of A4 for when the ideas start coming, and since I have a tendency to bulk-buy sale stock,I have more than enough for all the ideas I’m likely to have this year.

In the past year, I’ve got seriously into notebooks. Not fiddly pocket notebooks or unwieldy A4 pads, but A5 -big enough to draw stuff in or scribble down song ideas. Or shopping lists.


After deciding years ago that Moleskine notebooks were horribly overpriced, I have now realised that they are more or less perfect: I am now on my 3rd. For a start, they have a handy pocket in the back for putting things in – I am using it to collect the ‘points’ from the back of my bags of porridge, so I can send of for some bamboo salad servers.

I’d like to think having a notebook makes me more creative (this is unlikely), but it does mean I have something to hand at all times to jot down any fleeting ideas I might have. Or a shopping list.

I can’t wait for this notebook to be filled, so I can buy a new one.


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