Farewell, Fuji Finepix A850…

My camera is no more. It had done a pretty good job of taking photos of four five weddings, several birthdays, a Hen/Stag night, and taking moving pictures of at least half a dozen gigs. And now whatever it is that makes the lens slide out and the shutter cover open (and now just makes a pathetic clicking noise when I press the ON button) has died, and with it the camera.

I’d had it four or five years (about 50 quid from Asda), it had been camping with me a few times, and to the beach and been stood in pools of beer while my friends filmed my experiments in open-mic nights. I am a bit upset, not only that I have lost a camera that took good photos, but that I’m going to have to buy a new bloody camera.*

  finepix A850

*Some of the best photos I’ve ever taken have been on my Nokia N73, which is still going. Might have to start using that.


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