Running: Rising Damp

It is all very well having a nice running route that goes along the river through an avenue of lime trees. Except the problem with rivers is, they flood. So my normal route is partly submerged at the moment, as the river has risen by a couple of metres.

I can use most of the route – maybe 90% – but it goes into the town more than I’d like, and my route normally avoids busy traffic.

Assuming the river doesn’t rise any further, i have modified the route (and run it this afternoon). It is now slightly longer and it doesn’t go so near the traffic except the first 50 metres. It is not a there-and-back path, although I prefer a circular route, but beggars can’t be choosers, etc

If the river rises by another metre or two, there will be a problem: I will need to completely re-think the whole thing.


Another 2Metres and this will be underwater!


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