Running: The Wall

A Wall, yesterdayI’d heard of the wall and assumed it was serious run-twenty-miles-before-breakfast runners who got to it miles into the run. I hit the wall early on – about 5 minutes into my second run. It was a different kind of wall; It was a wall in my mind.

Motivation is important when starting, so when you’ve hardly started and your mind is yelling “My knees hurt! My feet hurt! Its nice and warm indoors! What are you doing this for, you fool?!” it is very easy to give up, especially the last bit.

Sometimes it seems that you can’t possibly continue to run. That’s ok, just slow to a walk, then start jogging again when you feel you can. At least it’s still exercise.  The worst thing to do would be to turn around, go home, and never try running again. That would be terrible.

It gets easier, I  promise.


One thought on “Running: The Wall

  1. Maxxy says:

    yeah….see I hit the wall everytime I sit on my sofa thinking about excercise….. it’s very difficult to push through….. just another chocolate, and maybe a cuppa, and then I’ll go use the running machine…..oh look there’s that really interesting program on how paint dries………

    You see my dilemma ?? ROFL 😉

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