Running: What you need to start

When I was about to start  running, and was waiting for my disgusting multiple ingrowing toenails to heal (really, there would have been massive bloodloss if I’d tried running before they got operated on) I researched running on the internet. It’s the kind of thing the web is for.

some running feet. not mine, though

Almost every site said something along the lines of

‘The most important thing for someone to start running, is that they get a proper running top with ‘wicking’ technology that draws the sweat away from the body’. And some expensive running shoes.

And I thought – rubbish! The first thing someone needs to do is actually get off the sofa and run around the block. Yes, in the end, if they persevere, they will need some ‘wicking’ tops, and some good running shoes. But the most important thing for them to do is  go for that first run, even if it’s a 5 minute wheeze around the block in the evening when it’s dark and the neighbours won’t see them. They’re not likely to get that sweaty in 3 minutes.

It can be hard enough to motivate yourself to start something like this, without feeling that you’ve got to spend lots of money first.


2 thoughts on “Running: What you need to start

  1. thewondermya says:

    Hi there !

    I started running with very poor quality shoes, I loved so much I killed my shoes at it and in return they gave the most beautiful blisters I ever had in my life. Then I bought myself some rolls royce’s aka very good quality shoes really fitting my large feet to run with and it made me feel like heaven… and I had a lot less blisters… I agree with you about starting it, I also think a good pair of shoes makes you feel special about your running and can help keep you on track and… avoid blisters. ;-p

    • I’ve been really lucky with not having blisters, but yes I agree proper shock-absorbing running shoes feel fantastic – the shoes I ‘retired’ a month ago are lovely ‘house shoes’, very very comfortable.

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