What I did in 2011, part 12 – Went Android

The price of mobile phones has now gone so low, that I went and got me another, so I have two contracts running at the same time. Since they each cost me about £10 a month, this is still pretty cheap. And I wanted something that I cold run ‘apps’ on (even though Nokias have been running apps for years now).

My new phone
My main phone is my Nokia which I use for making calls, texting, and so on. My new phone isn’t being used as a phone at all, I am using it for Facebook, Twitter, Email and things like that. This is my Android phone, the first time I have got a phone that isn’t a Nokia.

There are advantages and disadvantages to having this new portable web device. Advantages are that I pay a flat rate for the data and don’#t have to worry about that at all. It had a nifty touch screen. It is shiny and new. I can do the social networking stuff curled up in bed listening to music and not hunched over my PC keyboard every time I want to tweet.

Disadvantages, so far I have noticed: Nifty touch screen is a pain in the arse to do much typing on. The battery only lasts for about 25 minutes on full charge (ok, a day more-or-less, but it is already starting to annoy me). I have my social networking sites on hand 24/7 – I AM WASTING SO MUCH TIME NOW IT IS STUPID, I should be making music, reading, anything instead of tweeting that I should be making music, reading or etc.

My Nokia might not be so exciting, but I know the charge will last for several days, and when I send a message I won’t spend 50% of the time fixing typing errors because of the tiny virtual touch-keys (although Swype is rather clever way to input text on Android, it is still hit and miss with my normal-sized hands).

In conclusion: I like having two phones


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