What I did in 2011, Part 11 – Got my hair cut

This, dear reader, is one of the few remaining photos of how I looked back in the summer of 2011. When I had long hair.

I have been growing my hair for a couple of years, it grows pretty quickly I guess, it had last been cut with clippers set to #4. There were many moment when it really got on my nerves, as it tends to get curly and very temperamental,and I would have bad hair days, sometimes bad hair weeks.

I love having long hair, but washing it is a pain, probably costing my about £50 a week just in conditioner.* And in hot weather, when we get it, can make your head horrible hot and sweaty.

Some days I hated my hair, but by the time I’d finished work I had calmed down, and changed my mind about getting it cut. Except… I have my own clippers. And one day I lost my temper with it, so out came the clippers and nnnnnnnnnn … hair gone

Once you have started, you cannot change your mind. Well, you can, but it’s too late. I wish I had kept it now.

*This is probably an exaggeration. Slightly.


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