What I did in 2011, Part 9 – Got a free sofa (then gave it away)

I was overjoyed when Steve and Ange got a new sofa – they offered me their old one. There was nothing wrong with this sofa, they just needed something with more support for Steve’s back. So I was given a large two-seat leather sofa. Which was very nice of them, and a nice sofa (and better than the two-seat sofa we had in the lounge).

Leather sofa in my yard

The only problem was that when we got it to the flat, we couldn’t get it up the narrow winding stairs. Me and my brother spend over an hour trying to get the sofa around the bend at the top of the first half-flight. We failed, and you can still see the marks on the wall where we almost managed to squeeze it around the corner.

So, later that day I asked if any of my Facebook friends wanted a sofa. Luckily someone did, and they rolled up in their VW camper a day later to take it away. It would still be in the yard now, otherwise.


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