What I did in 2011, Part 5 – Made an album

Mink15 album art

This was the year that my downtempo electronica band Mink15.com finally got a CD out. It had started sometime in 2007 when me and Rob got distracted from our usual moody acoustic stuff, and ended up doing some dubby electronica (using a sample from a huge band with trigger-happy lawyers, so I won’t name them!). The electronic stuff took over for a bit. Then we went acoustic again, then Rob went off and formed a rock band so he could play live. And so the Mink15 songs languished on my hard-drive…

…Until 2010 when Mink15 got a singer and songwriter in the form of Ash, who turned some of our tracks into actual songs, and we wrote some new stuff, and eventually we made an album.

For an electronic album, there is a lot of acoustic guitar on it, and a fair bit of Rob’s tasty electric lead guitar. At the moment, me and Ash are working on an acoustic EP, and in the new year me and Rob will be working on Rob’s first solo album. I love making music!

I made the CD inserts and labels myself, and that took a lot of time and lot of printer ink – next time I will make artwork with less black, it gets expensive!


Interesting fact: Rob and Ash didn’t actually meet until after the album was finished.


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