What I did in 2011… Part 2 – Ate Humus

I’ve always been suspicious of paste-like food. Partly because it looks like baby food, and also it looks like pâté which I was tricked into trying when I was 12 and really really didn’t like. That would be around the time I was tricked into trying crab paste also. Yuk.

This year I was persuaded to try humus by friends. Their approach was logical – my favourite foods are chick peas, garlic and chili. That is pretty much what humus is made of*, why not try it? I was getting desperate to add variety to my work sandwiches, so I tried it. And I haven’t looked back.

My favourite would be Asda’s Jalapeño humus, which is lovely.

I originally used the spelling ‘humous’, which appears to be incorrect, and the spell-checker didn’t like it. And the interweb seems to think ‘hummus’ is correct…

*Normal hummus doesn’t have chili in it, but some varieties do


2 thoughts on “What I did in 2011… Part 2 – Ate Humus

  1. […] lots of new blogs that I just loved in a few minutes. The writing, the topics, the fun, the energy, the commitment of those bloggers just rocked my afternoons and evenings and morning, thank you all […]

  2. Shonnie says:

    Love Humu, and pate (but only the good stuff).

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