Lloyd Cole – He’s Still Going, You Know


Broken RecordPeople seems surprised that he’s still going. Maybe even more surprised that the music he is making is any good. That’s the problem with people – they don’t pay attention.

This is something like his 9th album since he stopped working with The Commotions. I have all of them. I even have the album of ambient electronica he made a few years back*.  They are all good, some of them are very good indeed.

The new one ‘Broken Record’ is the first Lloyd has recorded with a live band since he recorded with The Negatives ten years ago. It’s really good.

It’s weird how people disappear then re-appear in the consciousness of the music press and the music-buying public. But it’s good, I think this is his most successful release since ‘Lloyd Cole’, and that was a long time ago. It has gone top ten in Sweden.  All of this without appearing on reality shows, having a drugs/rehab moment, sex tapes, or ‘making a comeback’ that everyone else seems to rely on.

Good for him.



*’Plastic Wood’


One thought on “Lloyd Cole – He’s Still Going, You Know

  1. John Izzard says:

    Enjoyed the review, thanks for writing it. I’m a firm believer in the idea that ‘an artist’s best work is ahead of him’. In fact, in most forms of artistic expression – with the notable exception of pop/rock – this is usually taken as a given. Hopefully, ‘Broken Record’ will not only re-establish a wider awareness for Lloyd’s music, but will also demonstrate that to ignore the more mature artist is a loss to society and culture.

    Thanks again for a very fine review.

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