Ebay. At Long Last…

I don’t know why it has taken me so long. I have using the interwebnet for over a decade now, and it was only yesterday that I bought my first item from the well known online auction site Ebay.

image Not quite sure why it took me so long, maybe I was scared that if I wasn’t careful unscrupulous sellers would trick me into selling my soul for the price of a slightly scratched Meatloaf CD.

I nearly bought myself a rather nice Creative Labs MP3 player for about £13 (inc. postage). You know, to go with the 3 MP3 players I already have. But this one is slightly smaller and has a lovely colour screen. And I can view photos on it, because I desperately need to view my photos at all hours of the day or night. Don’t we all?

I am starting to worry that I’m going to go mad at some point and buy something totally stupid and/or expensive. Or something that I already have, just in a different colour. Or smaller.


One thought on “Ebay. At Long Last…

  1. Maxxy says:

    I’m keeping my eye out on ebay for an epihone les paul guitar for a decent price at the moment. I’m lucky though, I have to justify all purchases to the boss lady, so that stops me spanking huge amounts of money on things that I don’t need. In fact, it pretty much stops me buying things full stop……

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