This is a great site.

If like me, you have many many web pages all over the place – Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, etc – you should pop over to flavors.me and sign up.

Ignore for a moment that they can’t spell flavours, this is the web service you have been waiting for. It is a system that draws together in one place all of your other web pages, in one tidy, easy to use, well-designed page*. Check out my page (or my other other page, or this other page of mine) and you’ll see what i mean; All of my shit is in one place.

The free account is limited to only 4 data sources, but that’s plenty for your Twitter, Facebook, Last.fm and something else.

*unless your design is really bad


3 thoughts on “Flavors.me

  1. Maxxy says:

    If I had lots of those things, and maybe a few friends, ( no disrespect, but you’re not real, you’re just virtual 😉 ) – I’m sure I’d use it. However, most social networking sites are off limits for me ( as decreed by she who must be obeyed ). Therefore, at the moment at least, I have little use for it……

    • mmm… i’m not *feeling* virtual… 😉

      …. anyway.. if you’re not on facebook or twitter, then it is no use to you.

      (but if you are on WordPress or Soundcloud – if not why not , great place to put all your music, not actually social network site) – then it is pretty good. I get carried away with all these internet toys…)

  2. Maxxy says:

    I guess….but I’ve just renewed my real name site mark-pacey dot co dot uk which I’m trying to get up and running ( really difficult without a decent paint package – trying to do it with MS paint was horrific !!! LOL ).

    I’ve put up a temporary free template that I’m going to hack over the next few weeks ( wife permitting ). I’ve already managed to upload some tunes and get them playing. Next I just need to finish them and start selling them !!!!!

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