It’s that time again, when I acquire a new musical instrument…. what will it be now?

That’s right – a Ukulele.

For various convoluted reasons – that I won’t go into now, but partly involve a possible camping trip in the next few weeks – I have decided to get a ukulele. Since it is really nothing more than a simple, tiny, guitar, I don’t see that I’ll struggle to learn to play it.

The only thing which might be difficulty, is finding songs to play on it.


6 thoughts on “Uke!

  1. Maxxy says:

    WEY HEY !!! – There’s a fair bit of Steve Earle stuff with a Uke in it. Including Copper Head Road. Classic Track. Get learning !!! LOL

  2. Maxxy says:

    Actually ignore Mr Numpty bollocks here. It wasn’t a uke Mr Earle used, it was of course a mandolin. School boy error. Soz.

  3. Maxxy says:

    Indeed – great great song. A heavy influence in my early years was Mr Earle. Him and The Boss.

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