My New Mobile

Got my new mobile phone this week – a Nokia 6700. This replaces the N73 that I’ve had for 3 years or so. I feel slightly bad about getting a new phone when there is nothing wrong with the old one. It’s only 3 months since I bought a new battery for the N73.

The 6700 is very nice, though. It is surprisingly heavy for its size, which I put down to the stainless steel casing. It is very slim and fits into the hand nicely. To preserve the shiny brushed steel finish, I’m carrying it around in a drawstring bag i got with my MP3 player.

I’m not sure I like the camera much, to be honest. It’s a 5 megapixel job, but I’m sure the 3.2Mp camera on my N73 made better shots, possibly because it had a Carl Zeiss lens. Or maybe I just haven’t got the hang of it yet.

I love the phone, though.


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