Hanging On The Telephone

It took me about twelve attempts to get through. At least eight of them ended with a ‘This number is busy’ message, and for each of the others i spent ten minutes in a queue. All I wanted to do was speak to a human being at my mobile phone company, to tell them I wanted out.

My contract had run its course, and a rival was offering me a better deal, and a nice new phone. I thought I’d try one last time before heading back up the high street to sign up with T-Mobile. Of course, that time they answered the phone. And persuaded me to stay on the network, through clever ruse of offering me an even better deal and a nicer phone.

So, as I type this, I am waiting for the delivery of a shiny new Nokia 6700, listening out for the courier and wishing that whichever shop has the faulty burglar alarm would please shut it up, now.


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