A fan in 194 countries…

A while ago, I mentioned a band who wanted to get a video message from a fan in every country in the world. I didn’t think they would succeed. Erm… they did.

I got this message from the band…

Hi Andrew, I’m proud to say that our mission is accomplished!

In 2010, the band Palomine collected video messages from EVERY country in the world. Fans from 193 out of 194 countries uploaded their movies at http://www.theworldislistening.com. Finding a fan in Vatican City was more difficult than expected… So they travelled to Vatican City themselves to find that last fan.

It took the band 11 months to complete this project. Now, their brand new music video is ready, featuring 194 cameos from fans from 194 countries!

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bDQAyP5FWY

Cheers, Plockroy

Go and check it out!


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