Star Wars WTF?: #2 – Sarlac

Sarlac: Rubbish

Really, George, what the hell is this? What were you thinking? When I first saw Return Of The Jedi, this seemed a really cool monster –  was too young to know better –  but now it just seems stupid.

Why is it named for the old English for ‘Lake of Blood’?

What does the Sarlac live on in the wild? It’s a huge animal, I’m frankly surprised there is enough for it to eat in the desert, it must require a fair calorific intake to keep it going…

…And since it’s basically a big funnel in the middle of the desert, surely it would fill up with sand?

How do Sarlac mate? It doesn’t look as if they can move – if they can how does Jabba know where it is? – so how does it find a mate? What are the mechanics of a Sarlac coupling? The mind boggles.

This is another example of stupid ideas from the Star Wars world.


4 thoughts on “Star Wars WTF?: #2 – Sarlac

  1. Maxxy says:

    Lake Of Blood ?? – Hardly a lake. And yes it does seem pretty dumb.

    I’m sure someone was eating a pizza when they thought of Jabba’s name. ” Hey, lets hit the Hut ” !!! and poor Jabba gets the shit kicked out of him…..

  2. sigggy says:

    I’ve never really pondered this on watching the films…now I will be forever pondering just how does a Sarlac survive, perhaps it also eats sand?

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