Star Wars WTF?: #1 – Millenium Falcon

I know it’s only a series of fantasy films set in a galaxy far far away, but there are a number of things contained in these movies that are just really stupid and badly thought out.

Who thought Millenium Falcon was a good name for a spaceship? Well, George Lucas, obviously.

The word ‘millenium’ might have been exciting-sounding back in 1975 (or whenever it was they started writing the thing), but now it just brings to mind all the fuss about the World ending because of badly written computer code, and some crap dome thing in London. ‘Falcon‘? Do they have falcons on Tatooine? If not what the fuck does the name mean?

Design: Who decided that the cockpit of the Falcon should be all the over on one side? Wouldn’t it make more sense it to be in the centre? How can they do all that clever flying, when the cockpit is where it is?* I don’t remember seeing any rear-view mirrors. I bet the spaceship is all badly scratched on the opposite side, even if they took great care parking it.

When they fly down into the second Death Star to destroy the reactor core, how did they know they could fit? I recall there being only a couple of inches clearance on either side, they only needed the duct to narrow slightly, or the wookie to make some slight navigational errror – possibly caused by him getting fur in his eyes, get a haircut you hairy bastard – and at the speed they were going,  it’s bye bye Falcon and Rebel attack squadron in a huge fireball.

* Don’t get me started on the A-Wing, that’s even more ridiculous. What would the g-force be like for the pilot? This is a fighter designed by an idiot.

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