Things that went wrong…

My list of things that went wrong with filming the bands:

  • Trying to get leads out from under my bed, I caught my watch strap and broke one of the small metal spring-loaded things that keep the strap on
  • I get there at 6pm but don’t really need to be, so have eaten only half of my tea…
  • …And the jumper I’m wearing is to warm for the venue, but it’s all I’ve got
  • The promoter is going to let me use his camcorder – but it is broken
  • Batteries got loose in my rucksack
  • 4GB memory card doesn’t work in one of the cameras
  • There is nowhere safe to keep the laptop while the gig is going on…
  • …So I have to run home to fetch the minisdisc recorder
  • There is no way to plug the minidisc recorder into the mixing desk
  • Forgot to bring spare minidisc, so had to record bands on ‘long play’ quality
  • Forgot the mini tripod for the microphone
  • Forgot to change batteries before The Insults start – they run out half-way through
  • Change filming position during TSG set, find it’s not as good. Can’t return, as someone else has taken my spot
  • Lose the CD cards from the second camera sometime
  • The minidisc is getting stuck on playback, either the disc is buggered or the deck is broken
  • There’s more, bound to be, I just don’t know what it is yet…

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