Shudder to think…

It’s bit annoying when one of your favourite bands – who split up over ten years ago – reform and play a tour, and the first you hear about it is when they put out a live album. And you only find out about that live album by mistake.

The band in question is Shudder To Think, the hardcore/avant-garde/glam/pop act that nobody liked. Well, not many people, but the people who do like this band love this band, and I’m one of those people. Who doesn’t happen to know any other fans, although he once met someone who’d heard of them.


Their greatest work is of course ‘Pony Express Record‘ – which you should check out, immediately. 90% of people hate it, there’s a chance you’ll be in the other 10%.  It really is a spectacularly WTF? album. In a good way.


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