A large Curry

This afternoon, I shall be preparing a huge mouth-meltingly hot curry. And even though I will make enough for a meal tomorrow too, I will probably eat it all tonight. Portion control be damned!

I’m starting with a jar of Madras – which I don’t normally do, I usually use curry paste, but the sauce was on special offer – and then I’m just going to add loads of tomato, chillies, spinach, onions and chick peas. And probably some green beans and anything else I can find in the freezer. It won’t much resemble a proper Madras curry when I have finished, buti don’t care.

With brown rice or even mixed brown and white basmati. Yes, that is what I shall do. And I will probably be listening to Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone show on the radio while I’m doing it.


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