I won’t be buying a camcorder, it seems

samsungF30I was going to buy a camcorder today. I checked out all the websites and narrowed the search down to 2 that suited my needs perfectly. Only Currys won’t sell me one.

The Currys website offers credit on anything above £120 in value, which i was going to have to take advantage of as I can’t quite afford £160 this week. For some really quite bizarre and TOTALLY STUPID reason, the shop doesn’t offer credit on anything below £250! It’s the SAME BLOODY COMPANY.

I didn’t find this out until the sales assistant actually had the goods (camcorder, SD card, tripod) on the counter in front of me.

Of course the other option is to buy on the internet and have it delivered. This is fine if you are happy to sit in the house all day for a week so you don’t miss the courier, but for normal people who have jobs this isn’t any good. Many shops have a system where you buy stuff on the web then collect it form your nearest store, which would be ideal.

You’d think they’d be keen to sell me a camera, wouldn’t you? Or are they just making so much money at the moment that they can’t be bothered any more?


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