The World is listening…



The band Palomine (from Belgium) has the idea that they will not release their album until they have a video message from every country in the world, mentioning the band (The first entry from each country gets a free copy of the album). They could have a long wait.

Their reasoning for this project is “Music is everywhere. Music is of all cultures. Let’s unite the world with music.” Can’t argue with that.

If you are interested go to The World Is Listening and see what they are up to, and watch the 68 (so far, out of  194 in total) videos made so far. I am slightly surprised that no-one in France has yet bothered, less surprised about Saudi Arabia. Very surprised about Iceland, somehow. (They have a little map so you can check the progress, if you want)

There are a number of possible drawbacks to this plan, but it would be negative of me to even mention them. I wish the band success in their mad plan, partly because I like mad plans that are doomed to failure, but mostly because I suspect the band is named after the amazing debut of the band Bettie Serveet, and that is a good thing.


One thought on “The World is listening…

  1. Plockroy says:

    Hi Andrew, I’m proud to say that our mission is accomplished!

    In 2010, the band Palomine collected video messages from EVERY country in the world.
    Fans from 193 out of 194 countries uploaded their movies at
    Finding a fan in Vatican City was more difficult than expected… So they travelled to Vatican City themselves to find that last fan.

    It took the band 11 months to complete this project.

    Now, their brand new music video is ready, featuring 194 cameos from fans from 194 countries!


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