Ant & Marta

My old chum Anthony was (briefly) back in Shropshire with his other half Marta (who is from Poznań in Poland). For some strange reason we ended up in a pub, yeah, I know – weird! (Shrewsbury is really dead mid-week isn’t it?)

I have been asked to be best man at their wedding, and obviously terrified. Still not quite recovered from the last time. Apparently in Poland at weddings you just drink vodka all day, Ant says at the last one he went to he downed about a litre and a half. Blimey.

Ant & Marta in the pub (in Shrewsbury)

Ant & Marta in the pub (in Shrewsbury)


2 thoughts on “Ant & Marta

  1. Maxxy says:

    As I don’t really drink ( yes….I am a cactus ), I think after a litre and a half, I’d probably be hospitalised…

  2. I have had litre and a half of wine before now, and that has made me very ill. Now multiply the alcohol content by 3…

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