A-Z: Maybe

There is a common stereotype of the record/CD collector who has his music in alphabetical order, possibly arranged by genre. He may subscribe to Mojo magazine. It is accepted that it is fine, almost obligatory, to mock and ridicule these men (and they are always men) and yet…

I can’t find things. At the moment I can’t find ‘For the beauty of Winona‘ by Daniel Lanois, but recently it has been Jane’s Addiction, Soundgarden and others. I don’t have that many CDs, maybe 800 at maximum (the last few years have been almost entirely digital, music-wise). Leaving aside the dozen or so CDs my brother has at the moment, there is a problem.


Maybe I should go alphabetical. It would take ages. The soundtracks would no longer be on the same shelf – there is some organisation and my CDs on the Realworld label would no longer make big multi-coloured stripy patterns. but there would be a good chnace that I could find things. Maybe my copy of Scott Walker’s legendary ‘Tilt’ would turn up.

Alternatively, I could just feed them all into iTunes, and let iTunes make them alphabetical.


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