To Do List

I have a week off – hooray! So that I don’t spend the whole week pottering around on the internet, I have set myself some ‘tasks’.

  1. Pot the basil seedlings into bigger pots
  2. Clean up 100,000 dead aphids from around the other seedlings on the windowsill – it looks awful
  3. Go and see Ange & Steve in their new home
  4. Take stuff to recycling bank
  5. Record song ‘Slipped from my mind‘ which I wrote 2 weeks ago and still haven’t made permenant record of
  6. Attempt to make a promo for that song, should be interesting filming myself
  7. Watch the rental DVDs (‘Burn after reading‘, ‘1974‘, ‘Mitchell & Webb‘)
  8. Make some more ‘space’ animation for Spookydirt
  9. Vacuum the stairs
  10. Feed & water my tomato plants mid-week sometime
  11. Read my books
  12. Go visit Mum & Granny in Wolverhampton
  13. Finish this list – I know there’s something I’ve forgotten



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