baguetteI love baguettes, but I forgot all about them for so long.

Ok, they have their downsides – they’re not the easiest thing to fit in your shopping bag, and they go rock-hard if you don’t eat them within 5 minutes – but on the whole the French are to be applauded for this invention.

So this is my plan: Get up early tomorrow, go down to the supermarket, buy fresh (still warm!) baguette and a big lump of Edam, then go home and eat it all while reading the paper. That’s a fairly simple plan, but it is very civilised.


3 thoughts on “Baguettes!

  1. Maxxy says:

    Baguettes are GREAT. Oh the fun to be had. Whether you’re Cap’n Jack Sparrow, fighting to save the Black Pearl, or you’re Luke Skywalker with a Baguette that makes sweeping swooshing noises…. ” Luke…..Join Me…..I am your baker….”

  2. They won’t be much good for eating after that. That makes me sound terribly dull, doesn’t it?

  3. Maxxy says:

    Might just about be useable for a recipe that requires breadcrumbs, but you’re right of course, not much use for anything else.

    LOL – no not dull. If you’d given me a long lecture on the plight of starving people, and how selfish I’d be if I didn’t eat the baguette as it was intended, then maybe I’d have reservations, but at the minute we’re cool 😉

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