I’m infected

WarningWell, I have got Swine Flu. Bloody marvelous.

It took ages to check this out, too: The phone service was busy and after 3 minutes of explaining how important it was, told me that they were busy and disconnected me. The web service crashed on me 10 times (!) before I finished the questionaire. So that’s my weekend buggered, then.


5 thoughts on “I’m infected

  1. Maxxy says:

    I can’t get it just from leaving you a post can I ?? 😉

    Bad luck dude. I try not to hang around with pigs for that very reason. Have you broken out in rash…ers yet ??

  2. what happened to your blog? it seems to have been deleted… by the author. autoblogicide?

  3. Maxxy says:

    I deleted my original blog ages ago, and then missed it, and so did a new one, but I can’t find the place to change what it leaves as a link on people’s comments. http://returnofthemaxx.wordpress.com

  4. Maxxy says:

    P.S. – what’s your username. My blog is also locked, so I’d need to add your username to my allowed list, doesn’t seem to like just andrewcotterill.

  5. if you’re logged in, under ‘my account’ go to ‘my blogs’ and you should be able to assign your primary blog to your new one, and that might affect where your name leads. i think. your milage may vary.

    my user name is spookydirt, if that is of some use to you.

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