Falling in love with 6Music – again

I’m falling in love again with radio. I’ve still been downloading the BBC Radio4 comedy podcasts, but I’d pretty much stopped listening to live radio.

Gideon Coe, DJ

Gideon Coe, DJ

The main reason for this is George Lamb. Some people love him, some hate him, I think he’s an irritating pain in the arse. Unfortunately, I’m more likely to be listening to the radio in the morning, and he’s on in the morning. And since I only listen to BBC 6Music, and Lamb is a DJ on that station, you can see where the problem may have come from.

Anyway, the past couple of days my evenings have been spent listening to the marvellous Marc Riley, followed by the even more marvellous Gideon Coe. Both play a pretty varied spectrum of music, although Riley has a tendency to play The Fall a fair bit, possibly because he once played guitar in the band. Both are pretty amusing in a dry way, and more importantly know and love the music they play. What more could you ask for in a DJ?

This stuff would never survive on a commercial station – god(s) bless the good old BBC!


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