Sinatra. Why am I listening to this?


One of Frank's best albums

The kind of music I’m in to is generally alt-rock or ambient. Or Jazz. Or World. Or alternative in general. So why am i listening to Frank Sinatra?

I bought a three cd set about a month ago, and I find I’m still playing it. He didn’t write any of his songs, he just picked the best of everyone else’s songs. Nothing wrong with that.  It does annoy that sinatra seems to be classified as ‘easy listening’ – anyone who has listened to any amount of jazz knosw that this is pretty complex music on a harmonic level. I suppose the lack of loud guitars makes it sound somehow ‘soft’.

I doubt I’m even going to convert any of my friends to the joys of Frank – the reason this complilation is so cheap is that its out of copyright, that is, over 50 years old.


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