The Web on your Mobile Phone – bad idea

Mobile_PhoneI’m a big fan of gadgets, I have many (in fact today bought a USB2 hub), but I’m starting to think that surfing the web on your mobile is a really bad idea. I am not going to give you a load of technical reasons why this is, I’m just going to say that I’ve tried to Twitter and Facebook on my mobile for the past 2 nights and found it to be a frustrating and (slightly) futile experience.

A lot of websites are designed for mobiles now – a lot of them have a version with m. instead of www. – but they seem to have removed a lot of vital functions in the process (there is no ‘reply’ function in Twitter, for example). If you need to do something quite specific on the move, in a hurry, it might just work. Otherwise, if my USB dongle connection is playing up again, I’m just going to read a book instead.


One thought on “The Web on your Mobile Phone – bad idea

  1. Maxxy says:

    Maybe if I ever get round to owning an iPhone or such like, I may dabble in mobile web, otherwise my life seems to bumble along perfectly well without it thus far…

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