Writer’s block – Gone?

It’s probably bad luck to even mention this – but since I don’t believe in luck or any other superstitious mumbo-jumbo like that I’m going to go right ahead – I think my writer’s block is over. This has been in effect for probably about a year, give or take the occasional song that has popped out (there were 2 in January) and I feel like it has finally gone.

I can’t really put my finger on what changed. My friend Rob played me a chord progression last week that he thought would make a good song, but not for his current band The Saving Grace because it just wasn’t rock enough. Or it was too ‘nice’. Some similar reason.

Anyway, I was strumming away at the acoustic guitar just last night, unusual in itself, when I thought I’d give these chords a go. I changed a couple of the chords, added a couple, wrote something where I thought the chorus might go, and as if by magic 2 hours later I had a song. Which I would post a link to here if my upload speed was enough to get anything bigger than an email uploaded.

Anyway, I’m starting to feel a bit more like a human being again.


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