Technical questions relating to the Death Star

I have some important technical questions relating to the Death Star.


The Death Star

How does the Death Star move? I see no propulsion units, and it’s a fairly big machine that would need some fairly hefty Ion drives or similar just to get it to go, that’s before we even get into steering the bastard.

Also, unless they deliberately built it near the rebel base (and surely the rebels would’ve noticed that) it must have some kind of lightspeed capability, which would require some huge propulsion units. So what’s going on there? Did George deliberately film the Death Star from angles that obscured the position and arrangement of the Ion drives, to avoid any copycat Death Stars made by evil fans of the movie?

And… Something the size of a moon would surely have the mass of a moon, and parking that in orbit would have serious consequences for the planet they were in orbit around, distorting the planet’s trajectory enough that it could eventually go spinning into the heart of the nearest sun. So from an environmental point of view, the Death Star was pretty disastrous, even before you take into account what they did to Leia’s home world.*

It’s tiny details like this that make me question just how realistic these movies are, and sometime I almost think George Lucas made it all up. Almost.

* The Empire seems to have avoided prosecution with regards building a spaceport on the green-belt moon of Endor too, which only goes to show. They’re as bad as Tesco.

One thought on “Technical questions relating to the Death Star

  1. Maxxy says:

    You’re right you know. I think I missed the bit where Darth explained to Leia that her home world was being destroyed to make way for an exciting new development of Death Stars, ….sorry did I just say Death Stars ?? What I actually meant was Wonderful Home Worlds, which are obviously more efficient space wise, as you can live inside them, not just “on the surface”, cos like, that’s soooo last millenia.

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