New method. To me, anyway.

eggs 2I never thought of doing it this way: I like eggs quite a bit, boiled or in an omelette, but never thought to do scrambled eggs in the microwave. Which is really annoying, as it’s possibly the easiest, certainly the quickest, method of cooking eggs I have yet discovered. And only now does someone think to tell me. I can now do my lunch in about 3 minutes or less, including the time it takes to boil the kettle for a cup of tea.

(Method: Place normal ingredients into bowl. Whisk. Nuke for 30 seconds. Stir about a bit. Nuke for 30 seconds. Mash up. Serve on top of toast. Consume.)


2 thoughts on “New method. To me, anyway.

  1. Maxxy says:

    Oh Hell yeah….Scrambled, poached…all good in the ole nuke machine. And egg on toast is just one of my all time fave comfort foods.

    That picture is weird guy. A yolk with what looks like another ring yolk round the outside. Cool if you can get your poached eggs like that man….

  2. i thought you were meant to be writing your own blog? 🙂

    the eggs? if just broke 2 eggs into a bowl and they ended up like that…

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