8 Things I should do

Things I should do but never seem to get around to:

  1. Have a (foreign) holiday. It’s been a few years since I went away (Rhyl does not count, it is vile).
  2. Really knuckle down and learn to play the Saxophone, or at least pick it up and play it every so often.
  3. Have a ruthless clear-out of my stuff. Not a half-hearted one, like this time.
  4. Play gigs. Even an open-mic night would be a start.
  5. Throw out all the crap clothes I don’t wear and almost certainly never will.
  6. Read books – there’s 30 or so I haven’t even started yet, some I’ve had for 8 years.
  7. Get outdoors more often. Maybe even buy a bicycle? (A cheap one, though)
  8. Make more of an effort with the blog, and don’t just post half-arsed drivel like this.

The saxophone I don't play enough


One thought on “8 Things I should do

  1. Maxxy says:

    Co-incidentally :

    1. Take foreign holiday ( Italy doesn’t count, as I don’t class sitting in a foreign kitchen for most of the time a holiday ).
    2. I could really do with learning piano properly. Being just a right hand man ( so to speak ) is not very musically satisfying.
    3. Clear out the loft, as you know if this house move happens, you’re going to have less than 4 weeks to sort all the shit out.
    4. Play gigs or at the very least have another Jam with neighbours band, or Dads band.
    5. Throw out all clothes with holes in, and actually do something radical, like buy some new ones…
    6. Read the books I’ve collected, rather than just buying books to put on the shelf. I know Setphen King is hard going sometimes, but you have at least a dozen of his books just sitting there. READ THEM !!!
    7. Stick my head out of my house sometime. We had a balcony built on the new extension. I know its a bizarre concept, but you might actually step out onto it once in a while…
    8. Spend some time with my blog, rather than spending half an hour writing a response to somebody else’s. Participation in other people’s blogs is good. Writing a post on your own blog once in a while is better…

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