100 old magazines

Is it just men who acquire clutter? The number of things I keep – convinced that they’ll come in handy some time in the future – is getting out of hand.

I have just decided to jettison my back-issues of Future Music & Computer Music magazines. I kept them because there are some very handy articles about mixing and other music-related things. Looking at them just this week i realised that not only were some of the magazines over 5 years old, but also that I know all this shit anyway.

So off to recycling bin I go. It has taken 2 trips to the recycling bin (on foot!) and these magazines must have weighed something like 40 kilos, I felt like my arms were coming off. And I haven’t really started on my other magazines yet.

My room currently looks like a bomb-site.


One thought on “100 old magazines

  1. Maxxy says:

    I don’t think it’s just men that horde stuff. However, I’ve been told it’s only men that keep all that stuff very untidy. How rude !!! LOL

    P.S. – If you’ve got any future music CD’s that have lots of samples on, and you want a good home for them, feel free to post them my way… 😉

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