Just made my first music video…

The recording session for The Saving Grace went very well indeed, and we ended up with more than we expected. A lot more.

After we’d recorded a couple of songs, Rob had to go out and fetch a curry – he hadn’t eaten – so me and Paul recorded ‘You’re Not Alone’ (originally done by The Enemy) because we didn’t really need Rob for that. Then I had the crazy idea that I could use the movie function on my digital camera to film Paul miming along to the track he had just recorded, then sync the film with the music later.

Even though he had the music coming through his headphones, Paul’s miming was poor. So we recorded the music again, filming at the same time so that miming didn’t come into it. When I got it back home I got it sync’d up, turned it to black and white (Paul says it makes him look thinner)and stuck some credits at the beginning and end.

So now they have a music promo to stick up on youtube, etc. Although as Rob commented, we could’ve done it for an original song, not a cover. Next time, eh?


My gods, Windows Movie Maker isn't completely useless...


2 thoughts on “Just made my first music video…

  1. Maxxy says:

    Band recording and curry are just a natural coupling aren’t they ?? Nothing better than a good rehearsal and a chicken tikka masala. Can’t link to anything useful from work, so I’ll have a peek at some point when I get home. I’ll have to see how the Vid of my Dad & Sis’ band came out. They played The Stables in Milton Keynes the other week. Did a country set. It was ok. Country’s not really my thing, unless it’s Country ROCK !!!. I could do with some new stuff for my youtube, I’ve got my neighbours band up at the minute http://www.youtube.com/user/markpuk1972
    Anywhos – take it easy….

  2. it’s not actually on youtube yet – the guys in the band haven’t ok’d it.

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