My Studio Engineer Hat

tsguk 1b

The Saving Grace: Paul, Mark & Rob (drummer not pictured)

Later today, I will be wearing my studio engineer hat. Not literally; i don’t do hats.

My friends in The Saving Grace need some more acoustic demo’s recording, and I’m the man. Well, there’s free wine in it for me, and it gets me out of the house. All I have to do is throw all my studio microphones, leads and pre-amps into a big box. Paul’s laptop is running Ableton Live, and I could fly that blindfold. Or blind drunk, which is probably more likely.

They’ve been together a couple of months now, but it has taken them this long to get a drummer, and now they need demos’s of all their songs so the drummer knows what he’s got himself into. I helped them record a couple of songs about a month ago which you can hear on their Myspace Page . This band should be something quite special when they get it on the road.

They’re lucky to find themselves a drummer, I was in a band a few years ago – Hunch Retro – where we could not find a bass player at all. For three years. It probably didn’t help that this was the 90s and we were neither Grunge nor Brit-Pop. And living in rural Shropshire? Well that’s probably what finished us off. I put all the demo songs onto CD a couple of years back, and they filled 3 CDs. One day, I might even put that all on the web, or the best bits, anyway, and then the World can marvel at our genius.


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